Prayer Care Tracker

Do you have problems providing the level of care in your prayer and / or care ministries that you desire? Are you using a white board, notes, Excel or some other means to try and track the status of the recipients you're providing care to? Prayer and Care Tracker can help your ministry provide improved documentation, timely follow ups, and save time for all members of the prayer and care ministry.

Do you wish you could simply use your smart phone to make your calls and document your visits. Well, you can with Prayer Care Tracker. View previous recipient notes on your smart phone and tablet before a call or visit. Take notes by dictation using your smart phone or tablet¹. Imagine no more pen and tablet or lost notes! Just dictate the visitation or phone call note immediately after the visit or phone call. What a time saver!

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Learn how Prayer Care Tracker works. How it can help you manage your prayer and care ministries.

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1. Not all smart phones and tablets can use dictation. Apple and Samsung devices will work. All will allow you to enter by on screen keyboard.